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Taking medication is typically the last stone turned over in a treatment journey. Medication is safe, and can be an excellent tool, but rarely solves problems by itself. I aim to prescribe medication judiciously, keeping in mind that the best number of medications for anyone to take is zero. When zero is not a realistic option, we will work together to identify appropriate choices and weigh the pros and cons. You can expect me to recommend medications that are safe, and that are likely to help, as supported by credible research. Medication starts at the lowest possible therapeutic dose, with a goal of experiencing no side effects. When prescribing medication, I collaborate with everyone involved, including children at a developmentally appropriate level. 

When I prescribe medicine, I expect that the need is temporary. Just like children uses crutches to allow an ankle to heal, medication I prescribe often allows time for the brain to heal. To ensure this, I will help you or your child gain skills that gradually reduce or replace the need for medicine. If you or your child already have an effective therapist, I will collaborate with that provider to achieve your goals.

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