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Attachment and learning/behavior are the core principles of human relationships. We have a unique capacity to attach that is vital to happiness. Yet, for all the complex force and feeling of attachment, we are also simple:  rewards and consequences can be structured to shape behavior, whether conscious or habitual. 


There is no substitute for excellence. Excellence means a thorough evaluation, accurate diagnosis and recommendations that are firmly grounded in up-to-date, rigorous research. To achieve this, I focus on your specific concerns, taking symptoms, history and context into account. My aim is not only symptom reduction, but visible improvement in life, in one's sense of self.


I know I've succeeded when I see adults and children get back to living their lives. A good life is not lived without obstacles or pain, but despite those things - exploring, bonding, growing and creating with family and friends. Learning of people's challenges, sitting with them through times of pain, engaging with them in reflection, and helping them solve problems and achieve goals, are for me profoundly meaningful and fulfilling pursuits.


Modern neuroscience supports the ancient wisdom of Eastern philosophy, which views thoughts as merely the weather of the mind. Knowing that we cannot control which thoughts we have, thoughts are not a direct target of treatment. Try not to think about, say, milk for more than a few seconds - see what I mean? Though we do not control the stream of conscious thought, we control our attention; we may choose either to swim in the stream, or step out of it.



I recommend medication as a component of treatment only if absolutely necessary. Please know that I prescribe conservatively, following evidence-based guidelines, seeking the smallest dose and shortest length of time possible. Certainly, the best number of medications for anyone to take, especially a child, is zero. To that end, as a psychotherapist, I aim to help people gain self-awareness and skills, which eliminate the need for medication over time.  


I seek to nurture resilience and curiosity. These qualities help us overcome life's challenges and enable us to attain the connection and joy that come with a life lived fully. I treat a range of illnesses, from depression, anxiety, ADHD, insomnia, tics and trauma, to substance abuse and eating disorders. I am available to consult with parents of infants seeking guidance on attachment. I work with individuals, families and business partners, tailoring my approach to your specific needs. I have worked with patients and parents from all walks of life including executives, artists, athletes and other professionals. 

Prior to entering private practice full-time, I served as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Health System. I have given lectures internationally and across the US, to audiences including schools, parent groups, community mental health organizations and professional psychiatric meetings.​ As a firm believer in wellness, I make time for recreational activities including hiking and cooking. I am grateful for a loving family and wonderful friends.

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