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Surviving COVID #1: Kids spending too much time on screens? Here are a ton of ideas (including a li

STEP 1: Make and keep a routine

STEP 2: fill schedule - see below


  • JoVE - free access to science videos/lessons thru June

  • U.S. Space and Rocket Center

  • AdaptedMind - personalized math and reading exercises for K-6

  • KiwiCo - many STEAM resources for kids 2-16, organized by age group

  • KidsDiscover - science and social studies materials

General education

Wellness/Physical Activity

Learn by doing




Ideas from Hiller Therapy:

  • Write letters or make art to send to other family members or nursing home residents (who can't get visitors now)

  • Play board games

  • Finally print out those pictures from your phone and put them in a photo album

  • Build forts in the living room

  • Go camping in your own backyard

  • Make a movie or documentary with a phone or tablet

  • Movie nights

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